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 Those who are interested in organizing a mini symposium (MS) with papers in the areas of their expertise are invited to organize a mini symposium at the ACEM22/Structures22. A mini symposium may have a single session or multiple sessions with 6-8 papers each. In case of successful organization, the mini symposium organizer’s paper will be considered as an invited paper and he/she will be granted free registration. To organize a mini symposium, please complete the proposal form below and send us your proposal by email.
For Guidelines and Benefits for Session Organizers: [General Guidelines for Mini Symposium (MS) Organizers]

[MS Proposal Form (ACEM22)]

[MS Proposal Form (Structures22)]

Organized Mini Symposia
Conf. MS Code MS Title Organizer(s)
AWAS22 WS124 Performance evaluation of infrastructures under extreme wind loadings and multiple disasters ㆍXing Fu (Dalian Univ of Tech.)
ㆍZhi-Qian Dong (Dalian Univ of Tech.)
AWAS22 WS125 Wind-Induced Structural Performance and Criteria 1 ㆍThomas Kang (Seoul National Univ.)
ㆍHamidreza Alinejad (Seoul National Univ.)
AWAS22 WS126 Wind-Induced Structural Performance and Criteria 2 ㆍThomas Kang (Seoul National Univ.)
ㆍSeung Yong Jeong (Seoul National Univ.)
AWAS22 WS127 Multi-hazard study of wind turbine towers ㆍKaoshan Dai (Sichuan Univ.)
AWAS22 WS128 Safety and stability of urban power grid under extreme weather hazards ㆍDahai Wang (Wuhan Univ. of Tech.)
ㆍAshraf EI Damatty (Western Univ.)
ICGE22 GE177 Advancements in Geomechanics and Engineering (4th US-Korea Geotechnical Workshop) ㆍJongwan Eun (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln.)
ㆍIlhan Chang (Ajou Univ.)
AMWT22 MW265 Water and wastewater treatment technologies for sustainable development ㆍSeong-Jik Park (Hankyong National Univ.)
ㆍChang-Gu Lee (Ajou Univ)
ICAC22 CC512 Progressive collapse of concrete buildings ㆍHalil Sezen (The Ohio State Univ.)
ASMM22 SM571 Smart Sensing and Monitoring ㆍHoon Sohn (KAIST.)
ㆍSoojin Cho (University of Seoul)
ASMM22 SM572 Structural Health Monitoring Techniques ㆍSung-Han Sim (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
ㆍJong-Woong Park (University of Seoul)
ICACD22 CD663 Computational Design and Experimental Method in Reinforced Concrete 1 ㆍThomas Kang (Seoul National Univ.)
ㆍChangsoo Kim (Seoul Nat’l Univ. of Sci. and Tech.)
ICACD22 CD664 Computational Design and Experimental Method in Reinforced Concrete 2 ㆍThomas Kang (Seoul National Univ.)
ㆍHajin Choi (Soongsil Univ.)
ICACD22 CD665 Computational Design and Experimental Method in Prestressed Concrete and Other Structures ㆍThomas Kang (Seoul National Univ.)
ICACD22 CD666 Innovative structural design and analysis for buildings and infrastructures ㆍHyeon-Jong Hwang (Konkuk Univ.)
ㆍJang-Woon Baek (Kyung Hee Univ.)
ICACD22 CD667 Computational methods and structural mechanics ㆍHyun-Duk Seo (National Korea Maritime Ocean Univ.)
ㆍDong-Hwa Lee (KAIST)
ㆍPhill-Seung Lee (KAIST)
ICACD22 CD668 Structural Safety Evaluation and Health Monitoring (The 1st CSUST-CBNU Joint Seminar) ㆍLei Wang (Changsha Univ. of Science and Technology)
ㆍDeuckhang Lee (Chungbuk National Univ.)
ICACD22 CD669 Forensic Structural & Geotechnical Engineering ㆍYong-Hoon Byun (Kyungpook National Univ.)
ㆍSeungjun Kim (Korea Univ.)
ICACD22 CD670 Forensic Water Resource & Environmental Engineering ㆍChul Sang Yoo (Korea Univ.)
ㆍDonghwi Jung (Korea Univ.)
ICOSE22 OS621 Advanced Techniques for Research of Submerged Floating Tunnels ㆍHyo-Gyoung Kwak (KAIST)
ㆍJu-Young Hwang (Dong-eui Univ.)
ACSM22 CS216 Coupled mechanics between fluid flow and deformable structure ㆍWonjung Kim (Sogang Univ)
ㆍDaegyoum Kim (KAIST)