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Title: The 2022 World Congress on Advances in Civil, Environmental, & Materials Research (ACEM22)/

The 2022 Structures Congress (Structures22)

Organized by: Int'l Association of Structural Engineering & Mechanics (IASEM)
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)
Seoul National University
Korea Association of Computational Mechanics (KACM)

In association with Techno-Press Journals (www.techno-press.org)

Sponsored by: Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Korea Tourism Organization

“The 2022 World Congress on Advances in Civil, Environmental, and Materials Research (ACEM22)” and “The 2022 Structures Congress (Structures22)” will be jointly organized by combining eleven International Conferences at Global Education Center for Engineers(GECE) in Seoul, Korea on August 16~19, 2022

 The Congress aims at providing the first step fusion approach to solve the global problems of infrastructure, new materials, and environmental issues. Each conference of the Congress will be independently organized within ACEM22 in cooperation with other neighboring conferences. Thus the Congress will be a premier international forum that bring together academics and practicing engineers to exchange the frontier research results in the allied technologies under the topics of infrastructure, environmental, and materials research.

The ACEM22/Structures22 Congress consist of the following twelve 2022 International Conferences on: