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Mini Symposium Organizers

 Those who are interested in organizing a mini symposium (MS) with papers in the areas of their expertise are invited to organize a mini symposium at the ACEM20/Structures20. A mini symposium may have a single session or multiple sessions with 6-8 papers each. In case of successful organization, the mini symposium organizer’s paper will be considered as an invited paper and he/she will be granted free registration. To organize a mini symposium, please complete the proposal form below and send us your proposal by email.
For Guidelines and Benefits for Session Organizers: [General Guidelines for Mini Symposium (MS) Organizers]

[MS Proposal Form (ACEM20)]

[MS Proposal Form (Structures20)]

Organized Mini Symposia
Conf. MS Code MS Title Organizer(s)
ICACD20 CD671 Design and manufacture of bio-based and bio inspired materials and structures ㆍYan Xiao (Zhejiang Univ.)
ICACD20 CD672 Digital Design and Industry 4.0 ㆍThomas Kang (Seoul National Univ.)
AWAS20 WS131 Fluid-Structure Interactions ㆍAlam Md Mahbub (Harbin Institute of Tech.)
ICAM20 MR381 Korea-China Joint Symposium on Advanced Materials - in honor of the retirement of Professor Chang-Sik Ha ㆍYoung-Kyoo Kim (Kyungpook National Univ.)
ㆍXiuguo Cui (Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Tech.)
ICGE20 GE181 Advanced Tunnelling Techniques and Information Modelling of Underground Infrastructure: Theory and Applications ㆍWen-Chieh Cheng (Xi’an Univ. of Architecture and Tech.)
ICGE20 GE182 Innovative soil treatment and geotechnical approaches - 2020
ㆍHideaki Yasuhara (Ehime Univ.)
ㆍIlhan Chang (Univ. of New South Wales (UNSW))
AWAS20 WS132 Mitigation of Wind-induced Disaster of Transmission Tower and Line Structures
ㆍDahai Wang (Wuhan Univ. of Tech.)
ㆍGuoqing Huang (Chongqing Univ. of Tech.)
ICGE20 GE183 Frontier in offshore wind turbine foundation
ㆍLinlong Mu (Tongji Univ.)
ICGE20 GE184 Big data and machine learning in geomechanics and geoengineering
ㆍWengang Zhang (Chongqing Univ.)
ICACD20 CD673 Integrated approaches to engineering design and analysis
ㆍR. Sharma (IITM)
ㆍMin-Jae Oh (Univ. of Ulsan)
AMWT20 MW271 Innovative Materials and Processes for Sustainable Energy and Clean Environment
ㆍJi-Bong Joo (Konkuk Univ.)
ICACD20 CD674 Advanced Techniques in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures
ㆍDeuck-hang Lee (CBNU)
ㆍP L Ng (University of Hong Kong)
ACSM20 CS220 Current Developments in Coupled Systems Mechanics
ㆍAdnan Ibrahimbegovic (UTC)
AWAS20 WS133 Post-accident Reconsideration about VIVs of Long-span Bridges
ㆍLin Zhao (Tongji Univ.)
ㆍCunming Ma (Southwest Jiaotong Univ.)
ㆍJiawu Li (Chang'an Univ.)
AWAS20 WS134 Wind turbines - wind and structural challenges
ㆍXiaowei Deng (Univ. of Hongkong)
ㆍYuhang Wang (Chongqing Univ.)
ASMM20 SM581 Artificial Intelligence for Management of Civil Structures
ㆍSung-Han Sim (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
ㆍHyun-Jo Jung (KAIST)
ASMM20 SM582 Innovative Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring and Non-destructive Testing of Civil Structures
ㆍSoojin Cho (Univ. of Seoul)
ㆍJeong-Tae Kim (Pukyong National Univ.)
AMWT20 MW272 Advanced Environmental Approaches on the Current Water Issues
ㆍSeockheon Lee (KIST)
ㆍSeongpil Jeong (KIST)