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Structural Monitoring and Maintenance
  Volume 7, Number 2, June 2020, pages 69-84
open access

Dynamic response of size-dependent porous functionally graded beams under thermal and moving load using a numerical approach
Raad M. Fenjan, Ridha A. Ahmed, Nadhim M. Faleh and Fatima Masood Hani

    Based on differential quadrature method (DQM) and nonlocal strain gradient theory (NSGT), forced vibrations of a porous functionally graded (FG) scale-dependent beam in thermal environments have been investigated in this study. The nanobeam is assumed to be in contact with a moving point load. NSGT contains nonlocal stress field impacts together with the microstructure-dependent strains gradient impacts. The nano-size beam is constructed by functionally graded materials (FGMs) containing even and un-even pore dispersions within the material texture. The gradual material characteristics based upon pore effects have been characterized using refined power-law functions. Dynamical deflections of the nano-size beam have been calculated using DQM and Laplace transform technique. The prominence of temperature rise, nonlocal factor, strain gradient factor, travelling load speed, pore factor/distribution and elastic substrate on forced vibrational behaviors of nano-size beams have been explored.
Key Words
    forced vibrations; thermal environment; composites; nonlocal strain gradient theory; travelling load; DQM
Raad M. Fenjan, Ridha A. Ahmed and Fatima Masood Hani: Al-Mustansiriah University, Engineering Collage P.O. Box 46049, Bab-Muadum, Baghdad 10001, Iraq
Nadhim M. Faleh: Ministry of construction and housing, Iraq

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