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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 4, Number 3, July 2013 , pages 203-214

Treatment of organic dye solutions by electrodialysis
Katarzyna M. Majewska-Nowak

    Laboratory tests were performed to determine the efficiency of dye solution desalination by electrodialysis. The study involved anionic dye and mineral salt recovery by obtaining two streams from a salt and dye mixture . dye-rich solution and salt solution. A standard anion-exchange and cation-exchange membranes or monovalent selective anion-exchange membranes were used in the ED stack. It was found that the separation efficiency was strongly dependent on the dye molecular weight. The best results for standard ion-exchange membranes were achieved for the desalination of Direct Black solution. Furthermore, the obtained results implied that the application of monovalent selective anion-exchange membranes improved the recovery of dye and salt solutions — the dye concentration in the diluate remained constant irrespective of the molecular weight of anionic dyes, whereas the salt recovery remained very high (99.5%).
Key Words
    dye; mineral salt; electrodialysis; monovalent selective anion-exchange membrane
Katarzyna M. Majewska-Nowak: Wroclaw University of Technology, Wyb. Wyspianskiego 27, 50-370 Wroclaw, Poland

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