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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 9, Number 6, December 2020 , pages 539-561

Rigid block coupled with a 2 d.o.f. system: Numerical and experimental investigation
Stefano Pagliaro, Angelo Aloisio, Rocco Alaggio and Angelo Di Egidio

    In this paper the linear elastic coupling between a 2 degree of freedom shear-type frame system and a rigid block is analytically and experimentally investigated. As demonstrated by some of the authors in previous papers, it is possible to choose a coupling system able to guarantee advantages, whatever the mechanical characteristics of the frame. The main purpose of the investigation is to validate the analytical model. The nonlinear equations of motion of the coupled system are obtained by a Lagrangian approach and successively numerically integrated under harmonic and seismic excitation. The results, in terms of gain graphs, maps and spectra, represent the ratio between the maximum displacements or drifts of the coupled and uncoupled systems as a function of the system's parameters. Numerical investigations show the effectiveness of the nonlinear coupling for a large set of parameters. Thus experimental tests are carried out to verify the analytical results. An electro-dynamic long-stroke shaker sinusoidally and seismically forces a shear-type 2 d.o.f frame coupled with a rigid aluminium block. The experimental investigations confirm the effectiveness of the coupling as predicted by the analytical model.
Key Words
    elastic coupling; rigid block; gain coefficients and maps; experimental investigation
Stefano Pagliaro, Angelo Aloisio, Rocco Alaggio and Angelo Di Egidio: DICEAA - University of L'Aquila, via G. Gronchi, 18-67100 L'Aquila, Italy

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