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Coupled Systems Mechanics
  Volume 9, Number 1, February 2020, pages 47-62

Instability phenomena and their control in statics and dynamics: Application to deep and shallow truss and frame structures
Rosa Adela Mejia-Nava, Adnan Ibrahimbegovic and Rogelio Lozano-Leal

    In this paper we study the control for nonlinear geometric instability problem of a deep or a shallow truss or yet a frame structure. All the structural models are built with geometrically exact truss and beam finite elements. The proposed models can successfully handle large overall motion under static or dynamic conservative load. The control strategy considers adding a damping from either friction device or viscous damper. This kind of control belong to well-known concept of passivity. Different examples are presented in order to illustrate the proposed theoretical developments.
Key Words
    instability; control; viscous damping; friction damping
Rosa Adela Mejia-Nava, Adnan Ibrahimbegovic: Universite de Technologie Compiegne, Laboratoire Roberval of Mechanics, France
Rogelio Lozano-Leal: Universite de Technologie Compiegne, Heudiasyc UMR CNRS 7253, France

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