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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 1, Number 2, July 2012, pages 109-113

Electromigration-induced void evolution in upper and lower layer dual-inlaid Copper interconnect structures
D.J. Pete, S.G. Mhaisalkar, J.B. Helonde and A.V. Vairagar

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Electromigration-induced void evolutions in typical upper and lower layer dual-inlaid Copper (Cu) interconnect structures were simulated by applying a phenomenological model resorting to Monte Carlo based simulations, which considers redistribution of heterogeneously nucleated voids and/or pre-existing vacancy clusters at the Copper/dielectric cap interface during electromigration. The results indicate that this model can qualitatively explain the electromigration-induced void evolutions observations in many studies reported by several researchers heretofore. These findings warrant need to re-investigate technologically important electromigration mechanisms by developing rigorous models based on similar concepts.
Key Words
    electromigration in Copper; surface void migration; dual-inlaid Copper interconnect
D.J. Pete: Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, India; S.G. Mhaisalkar: School of Materials Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; J.B. Helonde: ITM College of Engineering, Nagpur, India; A.V. Vairagar: OMScientific Private Limited, Pune, India

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