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  Volume 1, Number 4, October 2016 , pages 315-327

Structural health monitoring through meta-heuristics - comparative performance study
Nantiwat Pholdee and Sujin Bureerat

    Damage detection and localisation in structures is essential since it can be a means for preventive maintenance of those structures under service conditions. The use of structural modal data for detecting the damage is one of the most efficient methods. This paper presents comparative performance of various stateof-the-art meta-heuristics for use in structural damage detection based on changes in modal data. The metaheuristics include differential evolution (DE), artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC), real-code ant colony optimisation (ACOR), charged system search (ChSS), league championship algorithm (LCA), simulated annealing (SA), particle swarm optimisation (PSO), evolution strategies (ES), teaching-learning-based optimisation (TLBO), adaptive differential evolution (JADE), evolution strategy with covariance matrix adaptation (CMAES), success-history based adaptive differential evolution (SHADE) and SHADE with linear population size reduction (L-SHADE). Three truss structures are used to pose several test problems for structural damage detection. The meta-heuristics are then used to solve the test problems treated as optimisation problems. Comparative performance is carried out where the statistically best algorithms are identified.
Key Words
    structural health monitoring; meta-heuristics; modal data; damage detection
Nantiwat Pholdee and Sujin Bureerat: Sustainable and Infrastructure Research and Development Center, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

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