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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 1, Number 2, April 2014, pages 233-251

Design criteria for birdstrike damage on windshield
Francesco Marulo and Michele Guida

    Each aircraft have to be certified for a specified level of impact energy, for assuring the capability of a safe flight and landing after the impact against a bird at cruise speed. The aim of this research work was to define a scientific and methodological approach to the study of the birdstrike phenomenon against several windshield geometries. A series of numerical simulations have been performed using the explicit finite element solver code LS-Dyna, in order to estimate the windshield-surround structure capability to absorb the bird impact energy, safely and efficiently, according to EASA Certification Specifications 25.631 (2011). The research considers the results obtained about a parametric numerical analysis of a simplified, but realistic, square flat windshield model, as reported in the last work (Grimaldi et al. 2013), where this model was subjected to the impact of a 1.8 kg bird model at 155 m/s to estimate the sensitivity of the target geometry, the impact angle, and the plate curvature on the impact response of the windshield structure. Then on the basis of these results in this paper the topic is focused about the development of a numerical simulation on a complete aircraft windshield-surround model with an innovative configuration. Both simulations have used a FE-SPH coupled approach for the fluid-structure interaction. The main achievement of this research has been the collection of analysis and results obtained on both simplified realistic and complete model analysis, addressed to approach with gained confidence the birdstrike problem. Guidelines for setting up a certification test, together with a design proposal for a test article are an important result of such simulations.
Key Words
    finite element analysis; SPH approach; high velocity impact; birdstrike scenario; glass composite material; windshield component
Francesco Marulo and Michele Guida : Department of Industrial Engineering – Aerospace branch, University of Naples

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