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Poster Session

Guidelines for Poster Presentation


1) All posters will be presented in the lobby from August 24(Tue) to August 25(Wed). We encourage you to set up your poster as early as possible before 10:00 AM and to remove your poster after 6:00 PM.

2) Be sure that you should print out your poster by yourself before leaving your country. There will be no service available to print out your poster at the conference site.

3) To set up your poster at the right position on the designated poster board, please check your poster board number and schedule in the program book.


Poster Session Schedule

Date : 24(Tue)-25(Wed) August, 2021

Poster Session: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Poster Presentation: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: 1F Lobby, Grand Walkerhill Seoul

* Posters left behind after 7:00 PM will be discarded without notice.

* We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your poster if it is not removed by the notified time.  


Display Guide

Posters must fit within a display area of 900 mm (width) x 1500 mm (height).

Posters may be smaller than this, but no larger in any case.

Your poster board number and paper ID must be given on your poster. Please refer to the sample as shown below. As we allow the free-form poster, you are not required to follow this specific format. However, you should follow the format of the title block.

Font size is recommended from 18 to 20 so that it can be easily read from 2 meters away.

Posters should be self-explanatory.

Materials for setting up: The posters such as scotch tape will be provided. Please note that you do not need to bring your own materials such as glue and double-sided tape.


Poster Board Images


Sample of Poster (*This is not the poster standard form)

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