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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 89, Number 2, January25 2024 , pages 181-197

Curved finite strip and experimental study of thin stiffened composite cylindrical shells under axial compression
Mojtaba Rafiee, Hossein Amoushahi and Mehrdad Hejazi

    A numerical method is presented in this paper, for buckling analysis of thin arbitrary stiffened composite cylindrical shells under axial compression. The stiffeners can be placed inside and outside of the shell. The shell and stiffeners are operated as discrete elements, and their interactions are taking place through the compatibility conditions along their intersecting lines. The governing equations of motion are obtained based on Koiter's theory and solved by utilizing the principle of the minimum potential energy. Then, the buckling load coefficient and the critical buckling load are computed by solving characteristic equations. In this formulation, the elastic and geometric stiffness matrices of a single curved strip of the shell and stiffeners can be located anywhere within the shell element and in any direction are provided. Moreover, five stiffened composite shell specimens are made and tested under axial compression loading. The reliability of the presented method is validated by comparing its numerical results with those of commercial software, experiments, and other published numerical results. In addition, by using the ANSYS code, a 3-D finite element model that takes the exact geometric arrangement and the properties of the stiffeners and the shell into consideration is built. Finally, the effects of Poisson's ratio, shell length-to-radius ratio, shell thickness, cross-sectional area, angle, eccentricity, torsional stiffness, numbers and geometric configuration of stiffeners on the buckling of stiffened composite shells with various end conditions are computed. The results gained can be used as a meaningful benchmark for researchers to validate their analytical and numerical methods.
Key Words
    buckling; curved finite strip method; eccentricity; stiffened composite cylindrical shell
Mojtaba Rafiee, Hossein Amoushahi and Mehrdad Hejazi: Department of Civil Engineering and Transportation, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

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