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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 89, Number 2, January25 2024 , pages 135-153

Dynamic response analysis of nanoparticle-nanobeam impact using nonlocal theory and meshless method
Isa Ahmadi, Mohammad Naeim Moradi and Mahdi Davar Panah

    In this study, the impact response of a nanobeam with a moving nanoparticle is investigated. Timoshenko beam theory is used to model the nanobeam behavior and nonlocal elasticity theory is used to consider the effects of small dimensions. The interaction between the nanoparticle and nanobeam has been described using Lennard-Jones potential theory and the equations are discretized by the radial basis meshless method and a mathematical model is presented for the nanobeamnanoparticle system. Validation of the proposed model is achieved by comparing the obtained natural frequencies with reference values, demonstrating good agreement. Dimensionless frequency analysis reveals a decrease with increasing nonlocal parameter, pointing out a toughening effect in nanobeam. The dynamic response of the nanobeam and nanoparticle is obtained by time integration of equations of motion using Newmark and Wilson-o methods. A comparative analysis of the two methods is conducted to determine the most suitable approach for this study. As a distinctive aspect in this study, the analysis incorporates the deformation of the nanobeam resulting from the nanoparticle-nanobeam interaction when calculating the Lennard-Jones force in the nanobeam-nanoparticle system. The numerical findings explore the impact of various factors, including the nonlocal parameter, initial velocity, nanoparticle mass, and boundary conditions.
Key Words
    dynamic solution; Lennard-Jones potential; meshless method; nanoparticle-nanobeam impact; nonlocal elasticity theory
Isa Ahmadi, Mohammad Naeim Moradi and Mahdi Davar Panah: Advanced Materials and Computational Mechanics Lab., Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zanjan,
45371-38791, Zanjan, Iran

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