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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 85, Number 2, January25 2023 , pages 197-206

Power spectral density method performance in detecting damages by chloride attack on coastal RC bridge
Mehrdad Hadizadeh-Bazaz, Ignacio J. Navarro and Víctor Yepes

    The deterioration caused by chloride penetration and carbonation plays a significant role in a concrete structure in a marine environment. The chloride corrosion in some marine concrete structures is invisible but can be dangerous in a sudden collapse. Therefore, as a novelty, this research investigates the ability of a non-destructive damage detection method named the Power Spectral Density (PSD) to diagnose damages caused only by chloride ions in concrete structures. Furthermore, the accuracy of this method in estimating the amount of annual damage caused by chloride in various parts and positions exposed to seawater was investigated. For this purpose, the RC Arosa bridge in Spain, which connects the island to the mainland via seawater, was numerically modeled and analyzed. As the first step, each element's bridge position was calculated, along with the chloride corrosion percentage in the reinforcements. The next step predicted the existence, location, and timing of damage to the entire concrete part of the bridge based on the amount of rebar corrosion each year. The PSD method was used to monitor the annual loss of reinforcement cross-section area, changes in dynamic characteristics such as stiffness and mass, and each year of the bridge structure's life using sensitivity equations and the linear least squares algorithm. This study showed that using different approaches to the PSD method based on rebar chloride corrosion and assuming 10% errors in software analysis can help predict the location and almost exact amount of damage zones over time.
Key Words
    Chloride attack; concrete bridge; damage identification; non-destructive technique; Power Spectral Density method (PSD); steel corrosion
Mehrdad Hadizadeh-Bazaz, Ignacio J. Navarro and Víctor Yepes: Department of Construction Engineering, Institute of Concrete Science and Technology (ICITECH), Universitat Politècnica de València, 46022 Valencia, Spain

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