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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 46, Number 5, March10 2023 , pages 689-707

Geopolymer concrete with high strength, workability and setting time using recycled steel wires and basalt powder
AliIhsan Çelik and Yasin Onuralp Ozk

    Geopolymer concrete production is interesting as it is an alternative to portland cement concrete. However, workability, setting time and strength expectations limit the sustainable application of geopolymer concrete in practice. This study aims to improve the production of geopolymer concrete to mitigate these drawbacks. The improvement in the workability and setting time were achieved with the additional use of NaOH solution whereas an increase in the strength was gained with the addition of recycled steel fibers from waste tires. In addition, the use of 25% basalt powder instead of fly ash and the addition of recycled steel fibers from waste tires improved its environmental feature. The samples with steel fiber ratios ranging between 0.5% and 5% and basalt powder of 25%, 50% and 75% were tested under both compressive and flexure forces. The compressive and flexural capacities were significantly enhanced by utilizing recycled steel fibers from waste tires. However, decreases in these capacities were detected as the basalt powder ratio increased. In general, as the waste wire ratio increased, the compressive strength gradually increased. While the compressive strength of the reference sample was 26 MPa, when the wire ratio was 5%, the compressive strength increased up to 53 MPa. With the addition of 75% basalt powder, the compressive strength decreases by 60%, but when the 3% wire ratio is reached, the compressive strength is obtained as in the reference sample. In the sample group to which 25% basalt powder was added, the flexural strength increased by 97% when the waste wire addition rate was 5%. In addition, while the energy absorption capacity was 0.66 kN in the reference sample, it increased to 12.33 kN with the addition of 5% wire. The production phase revealed that basalt powder and waste steel wire had a significant impact on the workability and setting time. Furthermore, SEM analyses were performed.
Key Words
    compressive; concrete; flexural; geopolymer; recycling; setting time; waste steel fibers; workability
Ali İhsan Çelik:Department of Construction, Kayseri Universitesi Tomarza Mustafa Akincioglu Vocational School, 38940, Kayser, Turkey

Yasin Onuralp Ozkilic:Department of Civil Engineering, Necmettin Erbakan University, 42100, Konya, Turkey

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