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Advances in Nano Research
  Volume 9, Number 2, August 2020 , pages 123-131

Silver nanowire-containing wearable thermogenic smart textiles with washing stability
Kosala B. Dhanawansha, Rohan Senadeera, Samodha S. Gunathilake and Buddhika S. Dassanayake

    Conventional fabrics that have modified in to conductive fabrics using conductive nanomaterials have novel applications in different fields. These of fabrics can be used as heat generators with the help of the Joule heating mechanism, which is applicable in thermal therapy and to maintain the warmth in cold weather conditions in a wearable manner. A modified fabric can also be used as a sensor for body temperature measurements using the variation of resistance with respect to the body temperature deviations. In this study, polyol synthesized silver nanowires (Ag NWs) are incorporated to commercially available cotton fabrics by using drop casting method to modify the fabric as a thermogenic temperature sensor. The variation of sheet resistance of the fabrics with respect to the incorporated mass of Ag NWs was measured by four probe technique while the bulk resistance variation with respect to the temperature was measured using a standard ohm meter. Heat generation profiles of the fabrics were investigated using thermo graphic camera. Electrically conductive fabrics, fabricated by incorporating 30 mg of Ag NWs in 25 cm2 area of cotton fabric can be heated up to a maximum steady state temperature of 45°C, using a commercially available 9 V battery.
Key Words
    cotton; heat generating; silver nanowires; smart textiles; temperature sensing
(1) Kosala B. Dhanawansha, Buddhika S. Dassanayake:
Department of Physics, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
(2) Rohan Senadeera:
Department of Physics, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
(3) Samodha S. Gunathilake:
Department of Chemistry, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

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