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ACEM24 Themes/Conferences

(The 2024 International Conference on Advances in Wind and Structures)

Chairman: Thomas Kang (Korea)
- Aerodynamic Models
- Bluff Body Aerodynamics
- Bridge Aerodynamics
- Codification
- Computational Wind Engineering
- Field Measurements
- Flutter of Structure
- Galloping Instability
- Human Comfort Issues
- Technologies for Offshore Wind Turbines
- Wind Damage Assessment
- Wind Effects on Long Span Structures & Cables
- Wind Effects on Tall Buildings & Structures
- Wind Energy
- Wind Loads Distributions on Structural Systems
- Wind Tunnel Modeling & Test
- Wind-Structure Interactions
- Other Wind-Structure Related Topics
Related Techno-Press Journal: Wind and Structures, An International Journal
(The 2024 International Conference on Geomechanics and Engineering)

Co-chairs: Gye-Chun Cho (Korea), Ilhan Chang (Korea)
- Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Techniques in Geotechnical Engineering
- Bio-inspired and Biological Geotechnical Engineering
- Computational Geomechanics
- Cross-anisotropic Sand Deposits
- Energy Geotechnology
- Geomaterials for Transport and Energy Infrastructures
- Geo-Mechanics from Micro to Macro and Application
- Geometry-Property Relation
- Geotechnical Reliability and Risk Assessment
- Geothermal Energy
- Laboratory Testing
- Offshore Geotechnics
- Physical Modeling
- Pile Foundations
- Seismic Geotechnics
- Site Characterization
- Slope Stability
- Soil Improvement
- Solids-Foundation Engineering
- Soil-structure Interactions
- Sustainable and Environmental Geotechnical Engineering
- Tunneling & Underground Spaces Unsaturated Soils
Related Techno-Press Journal: Geomechanics and Engineering, An International Journal
(The 2024 ECO UP International Conference on Advances in Membrane and Water Treatment)

Chairman: Youngjin Kim (Korea)
- Desalination
- Fouling
- Integrated Water Technology
- Membrane Bioreactors
- Membrane waste Water Treatment
- Membrane Water Treatment
- Resource recovery
- Scaling
- Surface Characteristics
- System Optimization
- Transport Phenomena
- Water Reuse
- Water resilience
- Urban water resource
Related Techno-Press Journal: Membrane and Water Treatment, An International Journal
(The 2024 International Conference on Advances in Environmental Science and Technology)  

Chairman: Chang-Koon Choi (Korea)
- Advanced Hazardous Substance Control and Management
- Bio- and Environmental Geomechanics and Engineering
- Clean River& Reservior
- Green and Sustainable Environmental Management
- Green Infrastructure Paradigm
- Integrated SMART Groundwater Treatment
- Smart and Sustainable Environmental Nano-Science and Technology
- Treatment and/or Bioproduct Recovery
- Water / Waste Water Treatment
Related Techno-Press Journal: Advances in Environmental Research, An International Journal
(The 2024 International Conference on Advances in Materials Research)

Chairman: H.K. Lee (Korea)
- Ceramic Materials/ Ceramic Products
- Chemical Conversions of Materials
- Composite Materials
- Electronic Materials
- Iron Oxide - Material for Spintronic/ Medical Applications
- Laminates and Fabrics of Fibers
- Metals and Alloys
- Materials and Products Treatment
- Metal Powders
- Multidisciplinary Application of Materials
- Nanofibrous Materials for Energy Harvest and Storage
- Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Applications
- Nanotechnology for Materials Science
- Natural and Synthetic Polymers/ Polymeric Materials
- Organic Solar Cells
- Piezoelectric Materials
- Reinforced Plastics
- Removing Arsenic from Water
- Semi/Super-conducting Materials
Related Techno-Press Journal: Advances in Materials Research, An International Journal