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Congress Proceedings

  Accepted full papers will be delivered on USB Flash Drive and published in the online IASEM Proceedings(http://www.i-asem.org/publications.php).
 The previous ASEM proceedings are available at [ASEM - Proceedings]

Journal Version Papers

 The Congress will be held in association with the Techno-Press Journals of Nano, Bio, Robotics, Energy, and Structural Engineering. Authors are encouraged to submit their Journal version papers (normally 14-20 journal pages(single column)) to the relevant Techno-Press Journals before or after the Congress. The journal version papers should be prepared in accordance with: [The instruction to Prepare Manuscript of Techno-Press Journals].

 Submitted papers will undergo the peer review process and accepted papers will appear in the journal of your choice. For more information about Techno-Press Journals:(http://www.techno-press.org)

Special Issue of  'Techno-Press Journals'

 Some selected papers will be considered for publication in the "Conference Special Issue" of Techno-Press journals. Chairmen of each conference will serve as the guest editor of this issue.

 Those who are interested in organizing special issues for the Techno-Press journal of their choice on their own are encouraged to contact the Congress Secretariat for more details. The submitted papers should be peer reviewed under the guest editor’s responsibility and only the accepted papers will be published. If some successful mini symposium organizers at the Conference wish to organize special issue, they will be invited to serve as a guest editor for the special issue of the journal.

 For more information, please contact the Congress Secretariat or link: [Guidelines for Guest Editor]