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Techno-Press was established in 1993 by Chang-Koon Choi, who is an emeritus Professor at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). The main purpose of establishing Techno-Press was, through the publications, to spread innovative up-to-date information in engineering and science for professionals to contribute to the development in their respective fields. The advanced systems that Techno-Press has selected to use in developing the content and uninterrupted workflow solutions (TeMUS: Techno-Press Electronic Manuscript Upload System) can be of great help to make decisions by authors, reviewers, editors and administrators as well. Techno-Press's online information solutions enhance the performance of research professionals in the field.

"The highest level of journals"

Ever since its establishment, Techno-Press has grown up to be one of a top international journal publications in Asia, currently publishing more than twenty international journals and more than ten international conference proceedings each year. It also sponsors the international conferences in order to establish a close association of journals and copnferences. Techno-Press has published the international journals of highest level on a global basis and strived to have their journals to be indexed by SCOPUS, SCI /SCIE and other citation databases. Techno-Press journals cover the various fields related to engineering and science. For details, please link: Journals Information

"The increased visibility and citations of your work"

Publishing your paper in open access makes your work immediately and permanently available online for everyone worldwide. Techno-Press is pleased to offer a variety of open access options for authors to publish their research results effectively. No matter which option you choose, all open access publications are subject to high-quality peer review, editorial and production processes. You retain copyright and can easily comply with open access mandates.

"Available in print, online and combined"

For institutions and individuals interested in subscribing to any of the Techno-Press journals, the subscription is available in print, online and print+online format on a yearly basis (by calendar year only). Techno-Press also offers a SPECIAL ONLINE PACKAGE that allows online access to all Techno-Press journals at a very economical price. You may directly send your subscription request via: link. For any inquiries regarding subscription, please contact

"We organize the international conferences"

With the increased number of participating countries and the establishments of partnership with “Structural Engineering and Mechanics, and International Journal” of Techno-Press, the earlier period of joint seminars have evolved into an International Conference (The International Conference on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics) in 1999. And as the scope of conference continued to expand, the "World Congress on Structural Engineering and Mechanics (ASEM)" was organized to accommodate the conferences of different disciplines (2011). Currently at different locations, there are four world congresses are held in cooperation with Techno-Press journals such as: the World Congress on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics (ASEM), Advances in Civil, Environmental, and Materials Research (ACEM), Advances in Aeronautics, Nano, Bio, Robotics, and Energy (ANBRE) and The Structures Congress. For details, please link:

"Welcome the partnership with Academic societies, Research Institute, etc."

Techno-Press welcomes partnerships with Academic Societies, University Libraries, Research Institutes and individuals who wish to promote the mutual benefits in the journal publication through shared experiences and resources. The main purpose of cooperation will be to achieve the higher efficiencies at lower expense in the journal publications.

The following types of partnership may be considered:
- To provide helps to the partnerí»s journal publication with resources and proven systems of Techno-Press.
- To declare the existing Techno-Press journal to be the official journal of partner. Copyright belongs to the original owner.
- To start a new journal of mutual interest with joint copyright ownership. Efforts and expenses should be shared.
The proposals from potential partners will be welcome. For contact:

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