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Wind and Structures
  Volume 8, Number 5, September 2005, pages 309-324

Experimental evaluation of aerodynamic damping of square super high-rise buildings
Yong Quan, Ming Gu and Yukio Tamura

    Aerodynamic damping often plays an important role in estimations of wind induced dynamic responses of super high-rise buildings. Across- and along-wind aerodynamic damping ratios of a square super high-rise building with a height of 300 m are identified with the Random Decrement technique (RDT) from random vibration responses of the SDOF aeroelastic model in simulated wind fields. Parametric studies on effects of reduced wind velocity, terrain type and structural damping ratio on the aerodynamic damping ratios are further performed. Finally formulas of across- and along-wind aerodynamic damping ratios of the square super high-rise building are derived with curve fitting technique and accuracy of the formulas is verified.
Key Words
    super high-rise building; aerodynamic damping; wind induced response; aeroelastic model wind tunnel test.
Yong Quan and Ming Gu; State Key Laboratory Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering, Tongji University, 1239, Siping Road, Shanghai, 200092, ChinarnYukio Tamura; Department of Architecture, Tokyo Polytechnic University, 1583, Iiyama, Atsugi, Kanagawa, 243-0297, Japan

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