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Wind and Structures
  Volume 8, Number 1, January 2005, pages 35-48

Nonlinear dynamic analysis for large-span single-layer reticulated shells subjected to wind loading
Yuan-Qi Li and Yukio Tamura

    Wind loading is very important in structural design of large-span single-layer reticulated shell structures. In this paper, a geometrically nonlinear wind-induced vibration analysis strategy for large-span single-layer reticulated shell structures based on the nonlinear finite element method is introduced. According to this strategy, a computation program has been developed. With the information of the wind pressure distribution measured simultaneously in the wind tunnel, nonlinear dynamic analysis, includingrndynamic instability analysis, for the wind-induced vibration of a single-layer reticulated shell is conducted as an example to investigate the efficiency of the strategy. Finally, suggestions are given for dynamic wind-resistant analysis of single-layer reticulated shells.
Key Words
    large-span single-layer reticulated shells; wind-induced vibration; nonlinear dynamic analysis; dynamic stability
Yuan-Qi Li; Department of Building Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, ChinarnYukio Tamura; Wind Engineering Research Center, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Atsugi 243-0297, Japan

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