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Wind and Structures
  Volume 6, Number 1, January 2003 , pages 41-52

Modeling of rain-wind induced vibrations
Udo Peil and Niklas Nahrath

    Rain-wind induced vibrations of cables are a challenging problem in the design of cablestayed bridges. The precise excitation mechanism of the complex interaction between structure, wind and rain is still unknown. A theoretical model that is able to accurately simulate the observed phenomena is not available. This paper presents a mathematical model describing rain-wind induced vibrations asrnmovement-induced vibrations using the quasi-steady strip theory. Both, the vibrations of the cable and the movement of the water rivulet on the cable surface can be described by the model including all geometrical and physical nonlinearities. The analysis using the stability and bifurcation theory shows that the model is capable of simulating the basic phenomena of the vibrations, such as dependence of wind velocity and cable damping. The results agree well with field data and wind tunnel tests. An extensive experimental study is currently performed to calibrate the parameters of the model.
Key Words
    rain-wind induced vibration; cable-stayed bridges; guyed mast; cable vibrations; nonlinear dynamics; stability and bifurcation theory.
Graduate College

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