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Wind and Structures
  Volume 5, Number 5, September 2002 , pages 407-422

Control of flutter of suspension bridge deck using TMD
Saeid Pourzeynali and T. K. Datta

    Passive control of the flutter condition of suspension bridges using a combined vertical and torsional tuned mass damper (TMD) system is presented. The proposed TMD system has two degrees of freedom, which are tuned close to the frequencies corresponding to vertical and torsional symmetric modes of the bridge which get coupled during flutter. The bridge-TMD system is analyzed for findingrncritical wind speed for flutter using a finite element approach. Thomas Suspension Bridge is analyzed as an illustrative example. The effectiveness of the TMD system in increasing the critical flutter speed of the bridge is investigated through a parametric study. The results of the parametric study led to the optimizationrnof some important parameters such as mass ratio, TMD damping ratio, tuning frequency, and number of TMD systems which provide maximum critical flutter wind speed of the suspension bridge.
Key Words
    tuned mass damper; bridge flutter; suspension bridges; passive control.
Department of Civil Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Guilan University, Rasht, IranrnDepartment of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, India

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