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Wind and Structures
  Volume 4, Number 4, August 2001 , pages 315-332

Numerical simulation of the effect of section details and partial streamlining on the aerodynamics of bridge decks
L. Bruno(Italy) and S. Khrisand J. Marcillat(France)

    Presented herein is a numerical study for evaluating the aerodynamic behaviour of equippedrnbridge deck sections. In the first part, the method adopted is described, in particular concerning turbulencernmodels, meshing requirements and numerical approach. The validation of the procedure represents the aimrnof the second part of the paper: the results of the numerical simulation in case of two-dimensional, steady,rnincompressible, turbulent flow around a realistic bridge deck are compared to the data collected from wind-tunnelrntests. In order to demonstrate the influence of the section details and of the partial streamlining ofrnthe deck geometry on its aerodynamic behaviour, in the third part of the paper the effect of the fairingsrnand of each item of equipment of the section (such as central barriers, side railings and sidewalks) isrnevaluated. The study has been applied to the deck section of the Normandy cable-stayed bridge.
Key Words
    computational fluid dynamic; bridge aerodynamics; section model details.
L. Bruno, Department of Structural Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, ItalyrnS. Khris, OptiFlow, Consulting Company in Numerical Fluid Mechanics, Marseille, FrancernJ. Marcillat, Institut de Recherche sur les Phe nome nes Hors Equilibre, UMR 6594 UM-UP CNRS, Marseille, France

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