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Wind and Structures
  Volume 4, Number 4, August 2001 , pages 299-314

Wind tunnel model studies to predict the action of wind on the projected 558m Jakarta Tower
N. Isyumov, P.C. Case, T.C.E. Ho(Canada) and R. Soegiarso(Indonesia)

    A study of wind effects was carried out at the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratoryrn(BLWTL) for the projected 558-m high free-standing telecommunication and observation tower for Jakarta,rnIndonesia. The objectives were to assist the designers with various aspects of wind action, including thernoverall structural loads and responses of the Tower shaft and the antenna superstructure, the local windrnpressures on components of the exterior envelope, and winds in pedestrian areas. The designers of the Towerrnare the East China Architectural Design Institute (ECADI) and PT Menara Jakarta, Indonesia. Unfortunately,rnthe project is halted due to the financial uncertainties in Indonesia. At the time of the stoppage, pilerndriving had been completed and slip forming of the concrete shaft of the Tower had begun. When completed,rnthe Tower will exceed the height of the CN-Tower in Toronto, Canada by some 5 m.
Key Words
    Jakarta Tower; CN-Tower, aeroelastic model; pressure integration; Jakarta wind climate; aerodynamic response; vortex shedding; ECADI; wind tunnel; BLWTL; PT Menara Jakarta.
N. Isyumov , P.C. Case and T.C.E. Ho, Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, CanadarnR. Soegiarso, PT Menara Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

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