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Wind and Structures
  Volume 4, Number 2, April 2001 , pages 163-176

Wind-induced fatigue loading of tubular steel lighting columns
A.P. Robertson, R.P. Hoxey, J.L. Short, L.R. Burgess, B.W. Smith and R.H.Y. Ko(U.K.)rn

    Two 12 m high tubular steel lighting columns have been instrumented to determine the wind-inducedrnfatigue loading experienced by such columns. Each column supported a single luminaire mountedrnon a 0.5 m long bracket. One column was planted in soil, and the other bolted through a welded baseplaternto a substantial concrete base. The columns were strain gauged just above the shoulder weld which connectedrnthe main shaft to the larger base tube. Forced vibration tests were undertaken to determine the naturalrnfrequencies and damping of the columns. Extensive recordings were made of response to winds withrnspeeds from 4 m/s to 17 m/s. Selected records were analysed to obtain stress cycle counts and fatiguernlives. Mean drag coefficients were also derived from the strain data to investigate experimentally the effectrnof Reynolds Number.
Key Words
    wind loading; fatigue; drag; lighting columns; street lights; lamp-posts.
A.P. Robertson, R.P. Hoxey, J.L. Short and L.R. Burgess, Silsoe Research Institute, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford, MK45 4HS, U.K.rnB.W. Smith, Flint & Neill Partnership, 21 Dartmouth Street, London, SW1H 9BP, U.K.rnR.H.Y. Ko, Highways Agency, Southwark, Street, London, SE1 OTE, U.K.

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