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Wind and Structures
  Volume 33, Number 6, December 2021 , pages 463-470

Effect of trailing-edge modification over aerodynamic characteristics of NACA 0020 airfoil
Livya Ethiraj and Subramania Nadaraja Pillai

    This study investigates the aerodynamic characteristics of NACA series airfoil by altering the trailing edge in the form of extended and serrated sections. This contemporary advent examined NACA 0020 airfoil experimentally at the angle of attack ranging from 0° to 45° and for the Reynolds number of 2.46 x 105. To figure out the flow behaviour, the standard average pressure distribution over the airfoil surface is estimated with 50 pressure taps. The time series surface pressure is recorded for 700 Hz of sampling frequency. The extended trailing edge of 0.1 c, 0.2 c and 0.3 c are attached to the base airfoil. Further, the triangular serration is introduced with the base length of 2 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm. Each base length with three different amplitudes of 0.1 c, 0.2 c and 0.3 c were designed and equipped with the baseline case at the trailing edge and tested. The aerodynamic force coefficient, as well as pressure coefficient are presented. The obtained data advises that modification in the trailing edge will reflect the aerodynamic characteristics and the flow behaviour over the section of a wing. Resultantly, the extended trailing edge as a thin elongated surface attached to a base airfoil without revising the main airfoil favors good lift increment. The serrated trailing edge acts as a flow control device by altering the flow pattern results to delay the stall phenomenon. Besides it, improves lift co-efficient with less amount of additional drag. This extended and serrated trailing edge approach can support for designing the future smart airfoil.
Key Words
    extended trailing edge; flow control technique; pressure distribution; serrated trailing edge; stall delay; wind tunnel experiment
Livya Ethiraj:Turbulence and Flow Control Lab, School of Mechanical Engineering, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur, TamilNadu, India – 613401

Subramania Nadaraja Pillai:Turbulence and Flow Control Lab, School of Mechanical Engineering, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur, TamilNadu, India – 613401

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