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Wind and Structures
  Volume 33, Number 2, August 2021, pages 123-139

Aerodynamic modifications for reduction of wind loads on cross plan shaped tall building
Debasish Kumar and Sujit Kumar Dalui

    Corner modification plays an essential role in the reduction of the wind load and responses on tall buildings. The present study investigates the effectiveness of different corner modifications (chamfered, rounded, and recessed corners) to reduce the wind load on regular cross plan shaped tall buildings using the computation fluid dynamics technique. Here, ANSYS CFX is used to simulate the boundary layer wind environment around the building and compared with experimental results. The numerically simulated data are compared with some previous wind tunnel test data on the '+' plan building. Based on the numerical study, flow pattern near the corner regions, pressure contour, the variation of pressure coefficient along the periphery of the building, force and moment coefficients for three corner modified models are analyzed and compared with sharp edged cross plan shaped model to comprehend the extent of nonconformities due to corner modifications. The rounded corner modification is most effective in suppressing the wind load compared to chamfered and recessed corners. For rounded corners with 50% corner cut, the reduction in force and moment coefficients is substantial, with up to 26.26% and 28.58%, respectively, compared to sharp edged corners. A sudden shoot up in the negative Cp values near edges of the corner modified model, should require special attention in the design of cladding components. This paper led to comprehend the wind-induced responses of cross plan shaped building with various corner configurations.
Key Words
    computational fluid dynamics; corner modifications; force coefficient; moment coefficient; pressure coefficient
Debasish Kumar and Sujit Kumar Dalui: Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah 711103, India

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