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Wind and Structures
  Volume 31, Number 6, December 2020 , pages 509-522

Stability behavior of the transmission line system under incremental dynamic wind load
Hadi Sarmasti, Karim Abedi and Mohammad Reza Chenaghlou

    Wind load is the principal cause for a large number of the collapse of transmission lines around the world. The transmission line is traditionally designed for wind load according to a linear equivalent method, in which dynamic effects of wind are not appropriately included. Therefore, in the present study, incremental dynamic analysis is utilized to investigate the stability behavior of a 400 kV transmission line under wind load. In that case, the effects of vibration of cables and aerodynamic damping of cables were considered on the stability behavior of the transmission line. Superposition of the harmonic waves method was used to calculate the wind load. The corresponding wind speed to the beginning of the transmission line collapse was determined by incremental dynamic analysis. Also, the effect of the yawed wind was studied to determine the critical attack angle by the incremental dynamic method. The results show the collapse mechanisms of the transmission line and the maximum supportable wind speed, which is predicted 6m/s less than the design wind speed of the studied transmission line. Based on the numerical modeling results, a retrofitting method has been proposed to prevent failure of the tower members under design wind speed.
Key Words
    collapse of transmission tower; wind load; stability analysis; performance of transmission line; dynamic response; incremental dynamic analysis
Hadi Sarmasti, Karim Abedi and Mohammad Reza Chenaghlou:Department of Civil Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran

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