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Wind and Structures
  Volume 31, Number 3, September 2020 , pages 217-227

Influence of non-Gaussian characteristics of wind load on fatigue damage of wind turbine
Ying Zhu and Miao Shuang

    Based on translation models, both Gaussian and non-Gaussian wind fields are generated using spectral representation method for investigating the influence of non-Gaussian characteristics and directivity effect of wind load on fatigue damage of wind turbine. Using the blade aerodynamic model and multi-body dynamics, dynamic responses are calculated. Using linear damage accumulation theory and linear crack propagation theory, crack initiation life and crack propagation life are discussed with consideration of the joint probability density distribution of the wind direction and mean wind speed in detail. The result shows that non-Gaussian characteristics of wind load have less influence on fatigue life of wind turbine in the area with smaller annual mean wind speeds. Whereas, the influence becomes significant with the increase of the annual mean wind speed. When the annual mean wind speeds are 7 m/s and 9 m/s at hub height of 90 m, the crack initiation lives under softening non-Gaussian wind decrease by 10% compared with Gaussian wind fields or at higher hub height. The study indicates that the consideration of the influence of softening non-Gaussian characteristics of wind inflows can significantly decrease the fatigue life, and, if neglected, it can result in non-conservative fatigue life estimates for the areas with higher annual mean wind speeds.
Key Words
    non-Gaussian wind; wind field simulation; translation model; direction wind; wind-induced fatigue
Ying Zhu:Railway Engineering Research Institute, China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, Beijing 100081, China/ State Key Laboratory for Track Technology of High-speed Railway, Beijing 100081, China

Miao Shuang: State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute Corporation Limited, Beijing 100095, China

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