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Wind and Structures
  Volume 28, Number 4, April 2019 , pages 215-224

Experimental research on design wind loads of a large air-cooling structure
Xu Yazhou, Ren Qianqian, Bai Guoliang and Li Hongxing

    Because of the particularity and complexity of direct air-cooling structures (ACS), wind parameters given in the general load codes are not suitable for the wind-resistant design. In order to investigate the wind loads of ACS, two 1/150 scaled three-span models were designed and fabricated, corresponding to a rigid model and an aero-elastic model, and wind tunnel tests were then carried out. The model used for testing the wind pressure distribution of the ACS was defined as the rigid model in this paper, and the stiffness of which was higher than that of the aero-elastic model. By testing the rigid model, the wind pressure distribution of the ACS model was studied, the shape coefficients of \"A\" shaped frame and windbreak walls, and the gust factor of the windbreak walls were determined. Through testing the aero-elastic model, the wind-induced dynamic responses of the ACS model was studied, and the wind vibration coefficients of ACS were determined based on the experimental displacement responses. The factors including wind direction angle and rotation of fan were taken into account in this test. The results indicated that the influence of running fans could be ignored in the structural design of ACS, and the wind direction angle had a certain effect on the parameters. Moreover, the shielding effect of windbreak walls induced that wind loads of the \"A\" shaped frame were all suction. Subsequently, based on the design formula of wind loads in accordance with the Chinese load code, the corresponding parameters were presented as a reference for wind-resistant design and wind load calculation of air-cooling structures.
Key Words
    direct air-cooling system; wind tunnel test; shape coefficient; wind vibration coefficient; wind load
Xu Yazhou, Ren Qianqian and Bai Guoliang: School of Civil Engineering, Xi

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