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Wind and Structures
  Volume 24, Number 5, May 2017 , pages 465-480

Consistent inflow boundary conditions for modelling the neutral equilibrium atmospheric boundary layer for the SST k-w model
Yi Yang, Zhuangning Xie and Ming Gu

    Modelling an equilibrium atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) in computational wind engineering (CWE) and relevant areas requires the boundary conditions, the turbulence model and associated constants to be consistent with each other. Among them, the inflow boundary conditions play an important role and determine whether the equations of the turbulence model are satisfied in the whole domain. In this paper, the idea of modeling an equilibrium ABL through specifying proper inflow boundary conditions is extended to the SST k-w model, which is regarded as a better RANS model for simulating the blunt body flow than the standard k-w model. Two new sets of inflow boundary conditions corresponding to different descriptions of the inflow velocity profiles, the logarithmic law and the power law respectively, are then theoretically proposed and numerically verified. A method of determining the undetermined constants and a set of parameter system are then given, which are suitable for the standard wind terrains defined in the wind load code. Finally, the full inflow boundary condition equations considering the scale effect are presented for the purpose of general use.
Key Words
    computational fluid dynamics; computational wind engineering; self-sustainable equilibrium atmospheric boundary layer; boundary conditions; SST k-w Model
Yi Yang and Zhuangning Xie: State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640, China
Ming Gu: State Key Laboratory of Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering, Tongji Univeristiy, Shanghai, 200092, China

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