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Wind and Structures
  Volume 24, Number 1, January 2017 , pages 001-24

LES of wind environments in urban residential areas based on an inflow turbulence generating approach
Lian Shen, Yan Han, C.S. Cai, Guochao Dong, Jianren Zhang and Peng Hu

    Wind environment in urban residential areas is an important index to consider when evaluating the living environment. However, due to the complexity of the flow field in residential areas, it is difficult to specify the correct inflow boundary conditions in the large eddy simulation (LES). In this paper, the weighted amplitude wave superposition (WAWS) is adopted to simulate the fluctuating velocity data, which satisfies the desired target wind field. The fluctuating velocity data are given to the inlet boundary of the LES by developing an UDF script, which is implemented into the FLUENT. Then, two numerical models - the empty numerical wind tunnel model and the numerical wind tunnel model with spires and roughness elements are established based on the wind tunnel experiment to verify the present method. Finally, the turbulence generation approach presented in this paper is used to carry out a numerical simulation on the wind environment in an urban residential area in Lisbon. The computational results are compared with the wind tunnel experimental data, showing that the numerical results in the LES have a good agreement with the experimental results, and the simulated flow field with the inlet fluctuations can generate a reasonable turbulent wind field. It also shows that strong wind velocities and turbulent kinetic energy occur at the passageways, which may affect the comfort of people in the residential neighborhood, and the small wind velocities and vortexes appear at the leeward corners of buildings, which may affect the spreading of the pollutants.
Key Words
    large eddy simulation; wind environment; WAWS; fluctuating wind field
Lian Shen, Yan Han, Guochao Dong, Jianren Zhang and Peng Hu: School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Changsha University of Science & Technology, Changsha, China, 410004
C.S. Cai: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge,
USA, LA 70803


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