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Wind and Structures
  Volume 20, Number 4, April 2015 , pages 489-508

Weight and topology optimization of outrigger-braced tall steel structures subjected to the wind loading using GA
Farshid Nouri and Payam Ashtari

    In this paper, a novel methodology is proposed to obtain optimum location of outriggers. The method utilizes genetic algorithm (GA) for shape and size optimization of outrigger-braced tall structures. In spite of previous studies (simplified methods), current study is based on exact modeling of the structure in a computer program developed on Matlab in conjunction with OpenSees. In addition to that, exact wind loading distribution is calculated in accordance with ASCE 7-10. This is novel since in previous studies wind loading distributions were assumed to be uniform or triangular. Also, a new penalty coefficient is proposed which is suitable for optimization of tall buildings .Newly proposed penalty coefficient improves the performance of GA and results in a faster convergence. Optimum location and number of outriggers is investigated. Also, contribution of factors like central core and outrigger rigidity is assessed by analyzing several design examples. According to the results of analysis, exact wind load distribution and modeling of all structural elements, yields optimum designs which are in contrast of simplified methods results. For taller frames significant increase of wind pressure changes the optimum location of outriggers obtained by simplified methods. Ratio of optimum location to the height of the structure for minimizing weight and satisfying serviceability constraints is not a fixed value. Ratio highly depends on height of the structure, core and outriggers stiffness and lateral wind loading distribution.
Key Words
    tall buildings; optimization; outrigger-braced structures; exact wind loading; optimum design
Farshid Nouri and Payam Ashtari: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran

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