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Wind and Structures
  Volume 18, Number 5, May 2014, pages 529-548

Numerical calculations of aerodynamic performance for ATM train at crosswind conditions
Mohammad Ali Rezvani and Masoud Mohebbi

    This article presents the unsteady aerodynamic performance of crosswind stability obtained numerically for the ATM train. Results of numerical investigations of airflow past a train under different yawing conditions are summarized. Variations of occurrence flow angle from parallel to normal with respect to the direction of forward train motion resulted in the development of different flow patterns. The numerical simulation addresses the ability to resolve the flow field around the train subjected to relatively large yaw angles with three-dimensional Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS). k-eturbulence model solved on a multi-block structured grid using a finite volume method. The massively separated flow for the higher yaw angles on the leeward side of the train justifies the use of RANS, where the results show good agreement with verification results. A method of solution is presented that can predict all aerodynamic coefficients and the wind characteristic curve at variety of angles at different speed.
Key Words
    high speed train; aerodynamic performance; crosswind condition; numerical simulation
Mohammad Ali Rezvani and Masoud Mohebbi : School of Railway Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology,
Tehran, Iran, 16846-13114

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