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Wind and Structures
  Volume 17, Number 5, November 2013, pages 479-494

Vehicle-induced aerodynamic loads on highway sound barriers part 2: numerical and theoretical investigation
Dalei Wang, Benjin Wang and Airong Chen

    The vehicle-induced aerodynamic loads bring vibrations to some of the highway sound barriers, for they are designed in consideration of natural wind loads only. As references to the previous field experiment, the vehicle-induced aerodynamic loads is investigated by numerical and theoretical methodologies. The numerical results are compared to the experimental one and proved to be available. By analyzing the flow field achieved in the numerical simulation, the potential flow is proved to be the main source of both head and wake impact, so the theoretical model is also validated. The results from the two methodologies show that the shorter vehicle length would produce larger negative pressure peak as the head impact and wake impact overlapping with each other, and together with the fast speed, it would lead to a wake without vortex shedding, which makes the potential hypothesis more accurate. It also proves the expectation in vehicle-induced aerodynamic loads on Highway Sound Barriers Part1: Field Experiment, that max/min pressure is proportional to the square of vehicle speed and inverse square of separation distance.
Key Words
    vehicle-induced aerodynamic loads; highway sound barriers; numerical simulation; theoretical model; potential theory
Dalei Wang, Benjin Wang and Airong Chen : Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, 200092, China

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