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Wind and Structures
  Volume 17, Number 1, July 2013, pages 43-68

Statistical characteristics of sustained wind environment for a long-span bridge based on long-term field measurement data
Youliang Ding, Guangdong Zhou, Aiqun Li and Yang Deng

    The fluctuating wind induced vibration is one of the most important factors which has been taken into account in the design of long-span bridge due to the low stiffness and low natural frequency. Field measurement characteristics of sustained wind on structure site can provide accurate wind load parameters for wind field simulation and structural wind resistance design. As a suspension bridge with 1490 m main span, the Runyang Suspension Bridge (RSB) has high sensitivity to fluctuating wind. The simultaneous and continuously wind environment field measurement both in mid-span and on tower top is executed from 2005 up to now by the structural health monitoring system installed on this bridge. Based on the recorded data, the wind characteristic parameters, including mean wind speed, wind direction, the turbulence intensity, the gust factors, the turbulence integral length, power spectrum and spatial correlation, are analyzed in detail and the coherence functions of those parameters are evaluated using statistical method in this paper. The results indicate that, the turbulence component of sustain wind is larger than extremely strong winds although its mean wind speed is smaller; the correlation between turbulence parameters is obvious; the power spectrum is special and not accord with the Simiu spectrum and von Karman spectrum. Results obtained in this study can be used to evaluate the long term reliability of the Runyang Suspension Bridge and provide reference values for wind resistant design of other structures in this region.
Key Words
    long-span bridge; structural health monitoring; wind environment; field measurement; turbulence characteristics; power spectrum
Youliang Ding, Guangdong Zhou, Aiqun Li and Yang Deng : Key Laboratory of Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structures of Ministry of Education, Southeast University, Nanjing, 210096, China

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