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Wind and Structures
  Volume 15, Number 3, May 2012 , pages 223-245

Simulation of multivariate non-Gaussian wind pressure on spherical latticed structures
Nyi Nyi Aung, Ye Jihong and F.J. Masters

    Multivariate simulation is necessary for cases where non-Gaussian processes at spatially distributed locations are desired. A simulation algorithm to generate non-Gaussian wind pressure fields is proposed. Gaussian sample fields are generated based on the spectral representation method using wavelet transforms method and then mapped into non-Gaussian sample fields with the aid of a CDF mapping transformation technique. To illustrate the procedure, this approach is applied to experimental results obtained from wind tunnel tests on the domes. A multivariate Gaussian simulation technique is developed and then extended to multivariate non-Gaussian simulation using the CDF mapping technique. It is proposed to develop a new wavelet-based CDF mapping technique for simulation of multivariate non- Gaussian wind pressure process. The efficiency of the proposed methodology for the non-Gaussian nature of pressure fluctuations on separated flow regions of different rise-span ratios of domes is also discussed.
Key Words
    domes; wavelet; CDF mapping technique; multivariate; non-Gaussian; stochastic simulation; wind pressure field; wind tunnel experiment
Nyi Nyi Aung and Ye Jihong : Key Laboratory of Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structures of Ministry of Education, Southeast University, China
F.J. Masters : Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, University of Florida, USA

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