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Wind and Structures
  Volume 13, Number 2, March 2010 , pages 145-167

Effects of wind direction on the flight trajectories of roof sheathing panels under high winds
Bahareh Kordi, Gabriel Traczuk and Gregory A. Kopp

    By using the \'failure\' model approach, the effects of wind direction on the flight of sheathing panels from the roof of a model house in extreme winds was investigated. A complex relationship between the initial conditions, failure velocities, flight trajectories and speeds was observed. It was found that the local flow field above the roof and in the wake of the house have important effects on the flight of the panels. For example, when the initial panel location is oblique to the wind direction and in the region of separated flow near the roof edge, the panels do not fly from the roof since the resultant aerodynamic forces are small, even though the pressure coefficients at failure are high. For panels that do fly, wake effects from the building are a source of significant variation of flight trajectories and speeds. It was observed that the horizontal velocities of the panels span a range of about 20% ? 95% of the roof height gust speed at failure. Numerical calculations assuming uniform, smooth flow appear to be useful for determining panel speeds; in particular, using the mean roof height, 3 sec gust speed provides a useful upper bound for determining panel speeds for the configuration examined. However, there are significant challenges for estimating trajectories using this method.
Key Words
    wind borne debris; low-rise buildings; bluff body aerodynamics; hurricanes.
Bahareh Kordi, Gabriel Traczuk and Gregory A. Kopp; Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering,
University of Western Ontario, London, ON, N6A 5B9, Canada

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