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Wind and Structures
  Volume 13, Number 2, March 2010 , pages 95-108

Windborne debris and damage risk models: a review
J.D. Holmes

    This review paper discusses research from the last few years relating to windborne debris risk models and the essential elements of engineering damage prediction models. Generic types of windborne debris are discussed. The results of studies of debris trajectories that are relevant to damage models are described ? in particular the horizontal component of debris velocity as a function of distance travelled. The merits of impact momentum versus impact kinetic energy as a relevant parameter for predicting damage are considered, and how published data from generic cannon impact tests can be used in risk models. The quantitative variation of debris impact damage with wind speed is also discussed. Finally the main elements of previously-proposed debris damage models are described.
Key Words
    hurricane; risk; trajectory; tropical cyclone; windborne debris.
J.D. Holmes; JDH Consulting, P.O. Box 269, Mentone, Victoria, 3194, Australia

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