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Wind and Structures
  Volume 11, Number 3, May 2008 , pages 241-256

Wind velocity simulation of spatial three-dimensional fields based on autoregressive model
Wei-cheng Gao and Yan-lei Yu

    This paper adopts autoregressive (AR) model to simulate the wind velocity of spatial three-dimensional fields in accordance with the time and space dependent characteristics of the 3-D fields. Based on the built MATLAB programming, this paper discusses in detail the issues of the AR model deduced by matrix form in the simulation and proposes the corresponding solving methods: the over-relaxation iteration to solve the large sparse matrix equations produced by large number of degrees of freedom of structures; the improved Gauss formula to calculate the numerical integral equations which integral functions contain oscillating functions; the mixed congruence and central limit theorem of Lindberg-Levy to generate random numbers. This paper also develops a method of ascertaining the rank of the AR model. The numerical examples show that all those methods are stable and reliable, which can be used to simulate the wind velocity of all large span structures in civil engineering.
Key Words
    wind velocity; AR model; model rank; random numbers
Department of Astronautic Science and Mechanics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China

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