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Wind and Structures   Volume 11, Number 3, May 2008, pages 221-240
Spatial flow structure around a smooth circular cylinder in the critical Reynolds number regime under cross-flow condition
Arash Raeesi, Shaohong Cheng and David S-K. Ting

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The spanwise flow structure around a rigid smooth circular cylinder model in cross-flow has been investigated based on the experimental data obtained from a series of wind tunnel tests. Surface pressures were collected at five spanwise locations along the cylinder over a Reynolds number range of 1.14?05 to 5.85?05, which covered sub-critical, single-bubble and two-bubble regimes in the critical range. Separation angles were deduced from curve fitted to the surface pressure data. In addition, spanwise correlations and power spectra analyses were employed to study the spatial structure of flow. Results at different spanwise locations show that the transition into single-bubble and two-bubble regimes could occur at marginally different Reynolds numbers which expresses the presence of overlap regions in between the single-bubble regime and its former and later regimes. This indicates the existence of three-dimensional flow around the circular cylinder in cross-flow, which is also supported by the observed cell-like surface pressure patterns. Relatively strong spanwise correlation of the flow characteristics is observed before each transition within the critical regime, or formation of first and second separation-bubbles. It is also noted that these organized flow structures might lead to greater overall aerodynamic forces on a circular cylinder in cross-flow within the critical Reynolds number regime.
Key Words
    circular cylinder; critical reynolds number regime; cross-flow, spanwise variation; separation angle.
University of Windsor, 401 Sunset Ave., Windsor, ON., Canada N9B 3P4

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