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Wind and Structures
  Volume 10, Number 2, March 2007 , pages 121-133

Wind-resistant performance of cable-supported bridges using carbon fiber reinforced polymer cables
Xin-Jun Zhang and Lei-Dong Ying

    To gain understanding of the applicability of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) cable in cable-supported bridges, based on the Runyang Bridge and Jinsha Bridge, a suspension bridge using CFRP cables and a cable-stayed bridge using CFRP stay cables are schemed, in which the cable\'s cross-sectional area is determined by the principle of equivalent axial stiffness. Numerical investigations on the dynamic behavior, aerostatic and aerodynamic stability of the two bridges are conducted by 3D nonlinear analysis, and the effect of different cable materials on the wind resistance is discussed. The results show that as CFRP cables are used in cable-supported bridges, (1) structural natural frequencies are all increased, and particularly great increase of the torsional frequency occurs for suspension bridges; (2) under the static wind action, structural deformation is increased, however its aerostatic stability is basically remained the same as that of the case with steel cables; (3) for suspension bridge, its aerodynamic stability is superior to that of the case with steel cables, but for cable-stayed bridge, it is basically the same as that of the case with steel stay cables. Therefore as far as the wind resistance is considered, the use of CFRP cables in cable-supported bridges is feasible, and the cable\'s cross-sectional area should be determined by the principle of equivalent axial stiffness.
Key Words
    cable-supported bridges; carbon fiber reinforced polymer cable; dynamic behavior; aerostatic stability; aerodynamic stability.
College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310032, P.R. China

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