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Wind and Structures
  Volume 10, Number 1, January 2007, pages 45-60

Probability density evolution analysis on dynamic response and reliability estimation of wind-excited transmission towers
Lin-lin Zhang and Jie Li

    Transmission tower is a vital component in electrical system. In order to accurately compute the dynamic response and reliability of transmission tower under the excitation of wind loading, a new method termed as probability density evolution method (PDEM) is introduced in the paper. The PDEM had been proved to be of high accuracy and efficiency in most kinds of stochastic structural analysis. Consequently, it is very hopeful for the above needs to apply the PDEM in dynamic response of wind-excited transmission towers. Meanwhile, this paper explores the wind stochastic field from stochastic Fourier spectrum. Based on this new viewpoint, the basic random parameters of the wind stochastic field, the roughness length z0 and the mean wind velocity at 10 m heigh U10, as well as their probability density functions, are investigated. A latticed steel transmission tower subject to wind loading is studied in detail. It is shown that not only the statistic quantities of the dynamic response, but also the instantaneous PDF of the response and the time varying reliability can be worked out by the proposed method. The results demonstrate that the PDEM is feasible and efficient in the dynamic response and reliability analysis of wind-excited transmission towers.
Key Words
    transmission towers; wind; stochastic Fourier spectrum; probability density evolution; dynamic response; reliability.
Lin-lin Zhang and Jie Li; Dept. of Building Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Siping Road 1239, Shanghai, 200092, China

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