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Wind and Structures
  Volume 1, Number 2, June 1998, pages 127-144

Numerical Study of wake structure behind a square cylinder at high Reynolds number
Sungsu Lee

    In this paper, the wake structures behind a square cylinder at the Reynolds number of 22,000 are simulated using the large eddy simulation and the main features of the wake structure associated with unsteady vortex-shedding are investigated. The Smagorinsky model is used for parametrization of the subgrid scales. The finite element method with isoparametric linear elements is employed in the computations. Unsteady computations are performed using the explicit method with streamline upwind scheme for the advection term. The time integration incorporates a subcycling strategy. No-slip condition is enforced on the wall surface. A comparative study between two-and three-dimensional computations puts a stress on the three-dimensional effects in turbulent flow simulations. Simulated three-dimensional wake structures are compared with numerical and experimental results reported by other researchers. The results include time-averaged, phase-averaged flow fields and numerically visualized vortex-shedding pattern using streaklines. The results show that dynamics of the vortex-shedding phenomenon are numerically well reproduced using the present method of finite element implementation of large eddy simulation.
Key Words
    large eddy simulation; vortex-shedding; finite element method.
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado/NOAA, CO 80303, U.S.A.

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