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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 9, Number 4, April 2012, pages 373-392

Tracking control of variable stiffness hysteretic-systems using linear-parameter-varying gain-scheduled controller
D.T.R. Pasala, S. Nagarajaiah and K. M. Grigoriadis

    Tracking control of systems with variable stiffness hysteresis using a gain-scheduled (GS) controller is developed in this paper. Variable stiffness hysteretic system is represented as quasi linear parameter dependent system with known bounds on parameters. Assuming that the parameters can be measured or estimated in real-time, a GS controller that ensures the performance and the stability of the closed-loop system over the entire range of parameter variation is designed. The proposed method is implemented on a springmass system which consists of a semi-active independently variable stiffness (SAIVS) device that exhibits hysteresis and precisely controllable stiffness change in real-time. The SAIVS system with variable stiffness hysteresis is represented as quasi linear parameter varying (LPV) system with two parameters: linear timevarying stiffness (parameter with slow variation rate) and stiffness of the friction-hysteresis (parameter with high variation rate). The proposed LPV-GS controller can accommodate both slow and fast varying parameter, which was not possible with the controllers proposed in the prior studies. Effectiveness of the proposed controller is demonstrated by comparing the results with a fixed robust H
Key Words
    tracking control; quasi linear parameter varying system; linear parameter varying controller; gain-scheduled controller; robust H
D.T.R. Pasala : Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University, Houston, USA
S. Nagarajaiah : Department of Civil and Envi. Engrg. and Mechanical Engrg. and Mat. Sci., Rice University, Houston, USA
K. M. Grigoriadis: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston, Houston, USA

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