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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 8, Number 2, August 2011, pages 205-217

Direct assignment of the dynamics of a laboratorial model using an active bracing system
C. Moutinho, A. Cunha and E. Caetano

    This article describes the research work involving the implementation of an Active Bracing System aimed at the modification of the initial dynamics of a laboratorial building structure to a new desired dynamics. By means of an adequate control force it is possible to assign an entirely new dynamics to a system by moving its natural frequencies and damping ratios to different values with the purpose of achieving a better overall structural response to external loads. In Civil Engineering applications, the most common procedures for controlling vibrations in structures include changing natural frequencies in order to avoid resonance phenomena and increasing the damping ratios of the critical vibration modes. In this study, the actual implementation of an active system is demonstrated, which is able to perform such modifications in a wide frequency range; to this end, a plane frame physical model with 4 degrees-of-freedom is used. The Active Bracing System developed is actuated by a linear motor controlled by an algorithm based on pole assignment strategy. The efficiency of this control system is verified experimentally by analyzing the control effect obtained with the modification of the initial dynamic parameters of the plane frame and observing the subsequent structural response.
Key Words
    vibration control; system dynamics; pole assignment; laboratorial structure; active control; active bracing system.
C. Moutinho, A. Cunha and E. Caetano : Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), Portugal

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