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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 6, Number 5, July-August 2010, pages 661-673

Multi-scale wireless sensor node for health monitoring of civil infrastructure and mechanical systems
Stuart G. Taylor, Kevin M. Farinholt, Gyuhae Park, Michael D. Todd and Charles R. Farrar

    This paper presents recent developments in an extremely compact, wireless impedance sensor node (the WID3, Wireless Impedance Device) for use in high-frequency impedance-based structural health monitoring (SHM), sensor diagnostics and validation, and low-frequency (< ~1 kHz) vibration data acquisition. The WID3 is equipped with an impedance chip that can resolve measurements up to 100 kHz, a frequency range ideal for many SHM applications. An integrated set of multiplexers allows the end user to monitor seven piezoelectric sensors from a single sensor node. The WID3 combines on-board processing using a microcontroller, data storage using flash memory, wireless communications capabilities, and a series of internal and external triggering options into a single package to realize a truly comprehensive, self-contained wireless active-sensor node for SHM applications. Furthermore, we recently extended the capability of this device by implementing low-frequency analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters so that the same device can measure structural vibration data. The compact sensor node collects relatively low-frequency acceleration measurements to estimate natural frequencies and operational deflection shapes, as well as relatively high-frequency impedance measurements to detect structural damage. Experimental results with application to SHM, sensor diagnostics and low-frequency vibration data acquisition are presented.
Key Words
    structural health monitoring; impedance method; piezoelectric active-sensors; sensor diagnostics; wireless hardware.
Stuart G. Taylor, Kevin M. Farinholt and Gyuhae Park; The Engineering Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM 87545, USA
Michael D. Todd; Department of Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego, CA 92093, USA
Charles R. Farrar; The Engineering Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM 87545, USA

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