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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 5, Number 6, November 2009 , pages 591-612

New insights in piezoelectric free-vibrations using simplified modeling and analyses
Ayech Benjeddou

    New insights are presented in simplified modeling and analysis of free vibrations of piezoelectric-based smart structures and systems. These consist, first, in extending the wide used piezoelectric-thermal analogy (TA) simplified modeling approach in currently static actuation to piezoelectric free-vibrations under short-circuit(SC) and approximate open-circuit (OC) electric conditions; second, the popular piezoelectric strain induced-potential (IP) simplified modeling concept is revisited. It is shown that the IP resulting frequencies are insensitive to the electric SC/OC conditions; in particular, SC frequencies are found to be the same as those resulting from the newly proposed OC TA. Two-dimensional plane strain (PStrain) and plane stress (PStress) free-vibrations problems are then analyzed for above used SC and approximate OC electric conditions. It is shown theoretically and validated numerically that, for both SC and OC electric conditions, PStress frequencies are lower than PStrain ones, and that 3D frequencies are bounded from below by the former and from above by the latter. The same holds for the modal electro-mechanical coupling coefficient that is retained as a comparator of presented models and analyses.
Key Words
    piezoelectricity; free-vibration; thermal analogy; induced potential; plane strain; plane stress.
Ayech Benjeddou; Institut Sup?ieur de M?anique de Paris, Structures, 3 rue Fernand Hainaut, 93407 Saint Ouen CEDEX, France

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