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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 5, Number 5, September 2009, pages 565-585

Seismic performance of concrete frame structures reinforced with superelastic shape memory alloys
M. Shahria Alam, Moncef Nehdi and Maged A. Youssef

    Superelastic Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) are gaining acceptance for use as reinforcing bars in concrete structures. The seismic behaviour of concrete frames reinforced with SMAs is being assessed in this study. Two eight-storey concrete frames, one of which is reinforced with regular steel and the other with SMAs at the plastic hinge regions of beams and regular steel elsewhere, are designed and analyzed using 10 different ground motion records. Both frames are located in the highly seismic region of Western Canada and are designed and detailed according to current seismic design standards. The validation of a finite element (FE) program that was conducted previously at the element level is extended to the structure level in this paper using the results of a shake table test of a three-storey moment resisting steel RC frame. The ten accelerograms that are chosen for analyzing the designed RC frames are scaled based on the spectral ordinate at the fundamental periods of the frames. The behaviour of both frames under scaled seismic excitations is compared in terms of maximum inter-storey drift, top-storey drift, inter-storey residual drift, and residual top-storey drift. The results show that SMA-RC frames are able to recover most of its post-yield deformation, even after a strong earthquake.
Key Words
    concrete frame; shape memory alloy; superelasticity; finite element analysis; residual drift; seismic damage.
M. Shahria Alam, Moncef Nehdi* and Maged A. Youssef; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, N6A 5B9, Canada

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